Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Weekend with Howard
From the Studios of Garin Baker
Carriage House Art Studios
November 15th 2011
Howard Pyle, Detail , Mermaid

Many thanks to James and Jeanette Gurney for inviting and planning the itinerary for this past weekend's Art Journey and Extravaganza!  We started out meeting at a little gem of a Tie restaurant in Wilmington, DE so we could all greet and get our bearings. Artist s included, Armand CabreraKevin Ferrara, Jean-Baptiste Monge, Lester Yocum and Noah Bradley

Then it was off to Frank Schoonover's Studios where we were met by his grandson John who welcomed us with great stories of his grandfather's about NC Wyeth, Harvey Dunn, Norman Rockwell, JC Lyendecker, and countless amazing artists and illustrators who assembled under the tutelage and mentoring of  Howard Pyle at his Brandywine School spawning what is known to this day as  "The Golden Age of American Illustration".

Frank Schoonover
James Gurney with sketch of John R. Schoonover.

Later that evening we all attended the private viewing and opening of the 100th anniversary exhibition of the Works of Howard Pyle "American Master Rediscovered" at the Delaware Art Museum
Howard Pyle.

So many amazing works, large and small exemplifying the brilliance and mastery of this American Iconic Genius.
This is truly were it began, down through the ages exciting the minds, talents and visionary artists, created an unique art form that lives today in the compositions, lighting and ways of seeing of many of our contemporary artists, filmmakers and concept designers.  An amazing Exhibition, Not to Miss and Experience! 
Also the bountiful and beautiful region of Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania and it landscapes and cities that inspired  Pyle and his students. And since it's so close by,  the Brandywine River Museam  and the Studios of NC Wyeth, amazingly preserved in the state in which he worked. 
A priority for all artist and those in the know, Don't delay!

Thank you again James and Jeanette for you invitation and Jim for your wonderful lecture the following day.
With my appreciation I have included this priceless image of you both demonstrating your wonderful spirit and my sincerest camaraderie, friendship and admiration. 
When 's the next Journey and Extravaganza?......,
dropping everything. I'm in!!