Monday, August 15, 2011

 Paintings Currently On Exhibit.
"Club Fight", 34" x 84"
From the Studios of Garin Baker
Carriage House Art Studios
August 15th 2011
"Club Fight" Oil on Linen, 34" x 82" by Garin Baker, 2010

With a Grand Opening planned for September, Highland Art Gallery, now in it's new location in Bernardsville, NJ, will be exhibiting two large sports paintings I completed in 2010-2011.

The first one pictured above and detailed below is a scene I started back in 2009 when a long time dear friend invited me to a boxing match of a young fighter and golden gloves champ her boyfriend manages and trains. 

The Broadway Boxing Club is located in the basement of steak house restaurant on 42nd St. in NYC. Transformed from an old discotheque, still with the mirrored ball hanging in the center of the composition is this tight arena space.  Down a dark staircase, where crowds come from across the five boroughs of NYC to root on their neighborhood favorites. 

Stock brokers, celebrities and a regular folk are served up a good steak diner and drinks as they watch the evening's card, (a series of boxing matches in successive order, fly weights to heavy weights). 

I was captivated by this treasure trove of subject matter, exciting all my senses, compelled to paint for the next few weeks back in my studio from compositional sketches and literally countless digital images, working out and combining like a puzzle all the amazing elements into this multi figured composition, attempting to capture the energy and flavor of this amazing and interesting place with all its characters.  

In 2010 it was awarded Best in Show from the National Art Museum Of Sports and the original was exhibit there for almost all of last year and now back on the east coast and can be seen at Highland art Gallery along with a group of smaller works and the other sports painting I completed in 2011 entitled,
"Rangers Vs Flyers" that I will feature in my next post. 
Stay tuned. Thanks so much for taking the time to enjoy!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Max Ginsburg, "3 Days Revealing Realism" Workshop Dates Released
Announcements from the Studios of Garin Baker
Carriage House Art Studios
August 8th 2011
Detail, "Bus Stop", By Max Ginsburg

It gives me great pleasure to announce the dates for The Max Ginsbug's "3 days, Revealing Realism" Workshop here at my Carriage House Art Studios. Fast on the heals of the successful and raved about workshop here back in July by James Gurney,  I am so thrilled to have invited Max Ginsburg , who has graciously envisioned a packed filled weekend starting October 21st - October 23rd  of 2011,  including demonstrations and instruction for maximum of 15 participants in the considered focused study of the human form for 6-8 hrs each day.   Shared meals and accommodations are also offered for 3 beautiful days in the glorious Hudson Valley during the peak of the fall color season.  Carriage House Art Studios is located just 1 hour north of NYC along the Hudson River.

Please click the the flyer below for information on Pricing and how to Register!

Registration is on a first come first serve basis, limited to 15 participants.  $ 650.00 Payment is required in full in order to secure your spot and seems to be the fairest way to guarantee placement.  A few modest rooms are available on site,  in addition to an offered listing of recommended area B&B and inexpensive hotels.  All meals will be included and served on site as well as in general a focused yet relaxing, amazing and wonderful creative experience. 

For additional information and registering please e-mail Garin Baker at  or go to: Carriage House Art Studios Atelier Site  and find out more about this workshop as well as all the other offerings.  You can also call me at my studio # (845) 562-7802.   I'd be happy to answer any questions about your interest.

"Cross Roads" By Max Ginsburg.

Also incredibly grateful to share news about a most beautifully appointed, with the most amazing reproductions, the New Book "Max Ginsburg Retrospective",  which will soon to be available at major retailers.  Undoubtedly copies will be signed personally by Mr Ginsburg during this Workshop. 

I was thrilled to be asked and add my comments in the 'Tribute from former students" section, paraphrasing and briefly quoting,  "I first met Max Ginsburg at the High School of Art & Design.  What I, and many other students, discovered was to alter the course of our lives.  In a relaxed manner, Max would walk around instructing with warm stories and lessons about color harmony, cools, warms, and the perceptions of simple shapes to see complex elements.   As an Artist, Teacher and Mentor,  Max is a testament, passing the torch, towards the greatest of human achievements.  His paintings speak to a language of human dignity and struggle.  A Masterful Realist, stroke by stroke, through his work and his life he offers the most relevant truth, honesty and real beauty to this world".

Garin Baker.  

Thursday, August 4, 2011

LA County Fire Dept. Mural In Progress, #1
From the Studios of Garin Baker
Carriage House Art Studios
August 4th 2011
Detail, LA County Fire Department Mural, 10 ft high X 25 ft Long, Artist, Garin Baker, 

With all the sketches and preliminary renderings approved,  I've been working in my studio on this large scale Mural, 10 ft. high by 25 ft. long, which will eventually be installed in a new Fire Station in Santa Clarita, California in 2012.  This project started back in 2009 when I was first contacted as a finalist by the LA County Arts Commission.   Invited to travel and spend a week with the firefighters and in general learn as much as I could about their heroism and daily activities.  Seeing first hand the amazing bravery and sacrifice having been commissioned to do several painting after the events of  9/11.   The painting below,  completed in 2002, entitled "September 12th", was used on the NYC Police and Fireman's Memorial web site, and several reproductions hang in fire stations and police precincts thru out NYC.

"September 12" oil on linen, 36" x 58" Garin Baker

So with exhilaration and excitement I went about returning to my studio to create renderings and sketches expressing the story of the cross trained LA firefighters, paramedics and rescue workers, who in relationship to "incidents", that they call huge fires, which can at times destroy thousands of acres, homes and people's lives in Southern California.

Blue print architectural layout of wall space available for mural.

Given the parameters of the project, which is funded by a percent for art program administered through the Arts Commission and tied to the construction of several newly needed fire stations in Southern California,  I wanted to create a heroic scene expressing and showing the rolling California landscape, dotted with perfect suburban homes on the left and to the middle and right of the composition, using the road as a fire break, the amazing firefighters and other heros who protect it from ranging winds that swirl down the canyons, sparking huge destructive fires, "sometimes" a natural occurrence.  This was described and witnessed by many a firefighters I spoke with during my visit.  The imagery and scene I invented from many different pieces of sketches and photo reference is shown in the approved renderings below.

Preliminary rough compositional study 

Scaled Rendering black & white charcoal on canson paper completed in studio,  38" x 89", 2010, Garin Baker.

Working on Large 12 ft. rolled canvas, I prime and hang in my studio using a rolling system to work from right to left.  My mural palette below is filled with alkyd enamels in coffee cups set in a large plywood surface that has been a useful simple tool and method I have used on many a project and shows the years of spill over and mixing surface I use with large chip brushes to block in my murals.  The paint stays wet so I can work in a similar fashion as I do when working from life and on smaller easel works. 

Mural Palette.

NY Studio/mural wall with LA Co Mural in progress July 2011.

Detail area 2, LA County Firefighters Mural in progress, Garin Baker, 2011

Over the next few weeks and months leading up to it's completion, I will post more progress images as well as our trip and full report and images, in early 2012 to Los Angeles,  for the install and unavailing.

"Goin back to Cali.... really think so.