Monday, March 5, 2012

Head Study
From the Studios of Garin Baker
Carriage House Art Studios
March 5th 2012
A quick head study can make clear many concepts and ideas about methods and approach.
I on many occasions have walked a slippery tight rope going that one step to far, rendering a good block in, ultimately loosing the freshness and spontaneity of form that for me communicates a genuine statement of truth and purpose.
At times I move from conductor to to passenger as a work develops. The tracks have been laid and especially in the cases of larger works of more involved compositions with multiple figures, if not careful, keeping all the elements in check and reevaluating the original intent, I find myself holding on to the back rail of the caboose as this train/work of art, hurdles to completion.
In the simplest way a quick head study can reaffirm what I already know, but forget from time to time what ultimately works for me and my own sensibilities. 

Each artist riding or driving their own train can determine how and where they go, hopefully excited about the journey.