Friday, March 4, 2016

Workshop Announcement!

Garin Baker through his Visiting Artist Series at his Carriage House Art Studios 
located in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley is proud to
announce and taking registration Now for:

"More Than Just A Likeness"

with Jeff Hein

3 Day Portrait Painting Workshop

June, 9th 10th & 11th, 2016.

Workshop Cost $485.00

On site Accommodations available! 

For 2 nights, (add $85. per night from the drop down menu below)

3 Day Workshop includes: Model fees, Light Breakfast and lunch each day and 
Saturday evening Group Dinner.

Workshop Space is limited to 10 Students.
On Site Accommodations is Limited to 4 Students.

Workshop or Add for Accommodations (2 nights @ $85. per night)

Workshop description from Jeff Hein,

"There are many criteria that go into creating a successful portrait. While capturing a good likeness of the sitter is very important, it’s not enough. A great portrait feels alive, evokes emotion, and captures the viewer through the beauty of its maker’s compositional and aesthetic choices.  In this portrait painting workshop Jeff Hein will discuss what he believes to be the key elements of creating a great portrait.  He will discuss creating a concept, formulating good composition and designing of marks, strokes and color. Jeff will also break down the formal process of painting a head into its most basic parts; drawing, value and color. As Jeff Demonstrates daily he will show his techniques and discuss key principles associated with these three areas. As students paint from a live model each day, Jeff will critique and assist on an individual basis in an effort to help each student complete the workshop a better portrait painter." 

Jeff Hein was born in New Winsdor, New York in 1974. He began studying drawing at Ricks College in 1992 under Gerald Griffin. In 1997, After a 4 year sabbatical to serve a mission and battle cancer, Hein resumed his studies in painting and drawing at Salt Lake Community College under Rick Graham and Rob Adamson.  From 1998-2002 Jeff attended the University of Utah where he studied fine art. Hein began a fulltime painting career in 2002. From 2008 to late 2010 Hein took a 2.5 year sabbatical to devote to personal study and exploration of naturalist painting techniques. Hein has also taken workshops from Steven Assael and Brian Mark Taylor.

Hein has been written up in numerous magazines and newspapers including “American Art collector”, “Fine Art Connoisseur”, “Arts and Antiques” and “Jetset Magazine”. His work has appeared on the covers of “American Art collector”, “Art Calendar” and two years of the annual Spring Salon Catalog of the Springville Museum of Art (SMOA). His work has also been shown in prestigious locations such as the Utah Museum of Fine Art, The SMOA and the Salmagundi Club in NY. It has been included in many prestigious collections including that of the SMOA, John Huntsman Sr., Mitt and Ann Romney, Senator Gordon Smith and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Jeff has won numerous awards including, most recently, 2nd place in the National Portrait society’s 2014 portrait competition, and 2nd place in the figurative category of the Art Renewal Center’s 2014 salon. Jeff served as a faculty artist in the 2013 and 2014 Portrait Society of America Portrait conference. In 2007 Hein founded the Hein Academy of Art in Salt Lake City, where he takes on up to 16 apprentices who he trains in the naturalist tradition of Painting. Hein is known for his portraits, multi-figure narrative and scriptural paintings. His work also includes complex large scale still-life works and sculpture.

Hein strongly values handmade things, in other words, thing made without the aid of machines. He feels that art can tell a story about the life of its creator especially if that artist intimately experiences his subject matter.  This is why Hein is passionate about working only from life or imagination in his work. He sees each painting as a personal record of his experience with that person, animal, landscape and even with his thoughts alone. To him a painting/sculpture is about more than the finished product but about the journey through its creation. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter 2016 Workshop

 2 Day Figure Drawing Intensive #1 with Garin Baker. 

February 20th-21st 2016

Cost $350.00 

On Site Accommodations, Add $85.00 (1 night, private room)

Please Use the drop down menu to add for On Site Accommodations.

This workshop will explore the nagging issues of accurate proportions, gestural and underlying structural form. This weekend intensive will consist of 2 morning and 2 afternoon sessions over the course of 2 days. Daily demonstrations by Garin Baker in addition to one on one instruction through out.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of internal gestural harmony, sensitivity of line, while building an envelope of simplified form. Clearly defined lights and shadows will be related to these increased perceptions as the weekend progresses adding more time to each pose. 

These learned exercises will quickly improve ones overall sense of form and volume, ultimately enabling each students towards more growth and higher plateaus of learning, as the drawings pile up over the course of this Workshop weekend.

Limited to 8 students
On Site Accommodation Available for 4.

Workshop Schedule

Saturday Feb. 20th.

Morning session, 10AM- 1PM, Lunch break, Afternoon session 2PM-5PM

Group Diner 7PM

Sunday Feb. 21st
Morning session, 10AM- 1PM, Lunch break, Afternoon session 2PM-5PM 

Worksop Materials list provided to registered students.
For more detailed Information call,


or email

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Among Garin Baker's Workshop Listings for 2015

Blog Post from The Studios of Garin Baker
May 28th 2015

"Afternoon in June", New York City, Plein Air  (Part II)

Plein Air Painting Workshop, New York City. 1 Session per week, 5 weeks from June 8th through till July 6th. 
5 Mondays, 4 PM - 7:30 PM.

Cost $450.00 US

2 Guided Museum Visits Included : Sorolla Murals At the Hispanic Society and The American Wing of the Metroplitan Museum of Art. 

Meeting at predetermined locations through out NYC artists and students will paint in plein air the most dynamic and iconic scenes New York City has to offer. 
Demonstration by Garin Baker as well as hands on individual instruction will be stressed.

This exciting workshop are among many favorites.  Space is limited to 10 participants and will fill up quickly.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact the Studio at:
(845) 562-7802 or by e-mail:

You can also see the rest of Garin Baker's 2015 Workshop Listings 
here at : 2015 Workshops from the Studios of Garin Baker

Images below from Part l (NY @ Night) April- May 2015)
Enjoy!  And hoping you can join us for Part ll.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ballou Mural Project
Washington DC. 

Blog Post from The Studios of Garin Baker
May 10th 2015
2 PM

Newly constructed Ballou High School, Washington, DC

What seems like a lifetime ago I began this large scale Public Art Mural project for the New Ballou High School in Washington, DC.  It started back in February of 2014 with open "Call for Entries", initiated by the Department of General Services, (DGS).  They build, manages and maintain many of the public buildings for The District of Columbia in Washington, DC.  This 160 million dollar construction project is DC's Brand New, Flagship High School and would be DGS's first foray into the Public Art Realm.


Through a terribly flawed competitive process some 15 or so artists of various disciplines, including, painters, sculptors, ceramic artist and graphic designers were selected to create various works of art that would adorn this amazing new educational facility.

I was selected to create 6 murals.  3 for the Performance Arts Wing of the school, one for the Library entrance, one for the cafeteria area and another that would celebrate the "Ballou Marching Knights".

Performing Arts Murals viewed from the school's courtyard

Over many months of preliminary renderings, approvals and administrative hiccups, I was finally set to begin painting in my NY studios the final Murals in multiple sections. All are painted in alkyd oils on canvas and measure between 8 ft. high x 10 ft long. The 3 Performing Arts Murals shown above were each done in 3 sections totaling 30 ft. long (each). Titled "Crescendo", they depict a progression of young artists performing in local neighborhood clubs on the bottom tier, the collaborative performing arts in the middle tier, and on the top, the pinnacle of the ones craft, entertaining stadium capacity crowds, but never forgetting the roots and struggles of the journey. 

"Crescendo" Top Tier, Oil on Canvas adhered to Sheetrock Wall. 

As seen in it's new home on the third floor of the New Ballou High School's Performing Arts Wing.

Detail Image below

My most trusted assistant artist Bryan Guglielmi is installing the Second tier Mural for the Performing Arts Wing.  Here Bryan is finishing off the french cut seems that joins all three sections together enabling a seamless and expansive view.

Here is a great shot of the School's amazing courtyard that serves as an exterior expansion onto the large interior cafeteria space.

Turning to the left is a view showing the beginning stages of our instillation of the Cafeteria Mural entitled, "Community Garden" and an image of the Mural above that leads into the Library and Media Center entitled, "21st Century Learning".

Bryan is Trimming the excess canvas from the edges of the Library Mural, the full size Murals image and a detailed image below.

This Mural painting was inspired by a well know composition by Norman Rockwell's entitled, "The Land of Enchantment".  I wanted to create a contemporary version that harkened back to the same spirit capturing youthful and human curiosity and our ability to search for all the world's knowledge and mysteries with the tap or touch of our finger tips.

The following Mural was created to celebrate and pay tribute to The Ballou High School Marching Band. "The Marching Knights" are one of the great stories about this school and community.

The Music Director, Darrell Watson, over the course of many years has built a nationally awarded music and band program. They have performed at the White House, on TV, as well as all across the United States. This is one of those great human achievements that deserves recognition and notice. 

This Mural was very close to my heart and I hope they will all, for many years to come, adorn the school as living insignias of what can be accomplished with hard work and stubborn determination.  

Here again the edges of the "Ballou Marching Knights" Mural is being trimmed, the full Mural image as well as a detailed version below.

The full story of this amazing and profound legacy was documented and featured in a wonderfully produced Garden Thieves Pictures titled, "Ballou A Documentary Film", created by Michael Patrei. 

Through out this long and difficult multiple Mural project I tried to create iconic and exciting images that would honor the students, staff and all whom have labored over the past several years to build this amazing facility.  

I'm sure over time the Department of General Services will grow and evolve into one of the premier commissioning agencies of Public Art  and offer to all in the Metro DC area and all  who use and visit these public facilities on a daily basis, inspiring and Grand Visions for generations to come.

Garin Baker.



Monday, April 21, 2014

Gearing up for the Install
The Joplin, MO Mural Project 

From The Studios of Garin Baker
Blog Post
April 21tst, 2014
11 AM

Bet E 7th & E 8th Street on S. Main St., Joplin, MO

Mural wall 95 ft long by 20 ft at its highest point.

Located smack dab in the Heartland of the US of A is the small city of Joplin, MO.  Situated in the southwest corner of Missouri with a population of around 200 thousand.  At one time it was the mecca of the Midwest for zinc production and the Performing Arts, boasting everything made of steel was coated with zinc from Joplin, keeping America from rusting away for almost 100 years.  It was also quite the snappy little town with several Performing Arts Theaters and many a famous performer from LA to New York traveling through along Route 66, playing the "Circuit" heading to and from Chicago. 

Like many small cities through out the country, industrial contraction and the loss of major manufacturing caused commercial and economic decline but with Joplin, tenacity and self reliance, the people have always taken the blows and come back swinging.  Adding to all of this, 3 years ago, practically 1/3 of Joplin was obliterated by one of the largest tornados ever recorded in human history.  A mile wide by 13 miles long, (that's roughly the size of the island of Manhattan), over 150 lives were lost, 500 business, a major regional hospital, schools, churches,..... all ripped an blown apart in a matter of minutes. 

Looking west along 20th St., Joplin MO, 2011

Since then the revitalization has been massive, new homes, schools, hospital and churches. Construction is everywhere. The downtown is lively again with art walks, music festivals and restaurants of all national and international flavors.

Back in 2012 and the early spring 2013 I was invited by The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce to begin working on a large scale Public Art Mural  located in the middle of downtown.  When I first arrived I was amazed, never experiencing what I was about to see.  Looking out as far as the horizon there was complete devastation. Yes I was in lower Manhattan after 9/11 but this went on for miles.  I was awestruck and thought how could one possibly tell this story with just one wall of art.  What surprised me more than anything was the desire not to dwell on the devastation and heartache but to reach back to their past and with all its spirit, begin again, building their future. This truly profound message was a lesson taught to me so poignantly by so many I spoke  with personally, quietly yet passionately demonstrating what I can only express as the "mid western character'.  

Plans for a new performing arts center and what we all could do together celebrating Joplin's future.  So after much discussion and revising of preconceived notions I set about the task of researching all the grand and spectacular performing arts venues that had existed in Joplin's past. The long gone and demolished Club Theater, its rowdy entertainment during the 1900s and how it stood as a beacon on bustling East 4th Street a block west of City Hall.  Crowds would make their way there on a Friday and Saturday evening after a long week working in the mines.  The Fox Theater with its classical interior filled with wonderful marble statues and decretive motifs would entertain social elites and theater goes until the 1970's.  And now symbolically looking past the twisting of tumultuous times of the past, the beautiful faces of youthful dancers, stretching, rehearsing, and expressing the simple joy and optimism about Joplin's collective future.

Approved Mural Design Maquette

The Design was approved in the fall of 2013 which allowed me several months to paint in my New York Studio in 36 sections, each measuring 5 ft. wide x 10- 8 ft long, using nova colors on Parachute cloth.

My rolling studio palate and several detail images of the work in progress below:


All the Mural sections have been rolled, shipped and have arrive safely in Joplin, MO. 
During all of next week we'll be installing on site with an unavailing and dedication ceremony scheduled for Sunday, May 4th 2014.  If your any where near Joplin, MO on May 4th, come on by and join us for the culmination of this wonderful project. 
I'm looking forward to finally seeing it all in one piece myself!

I'll be posting installation progress images on instagram @ garinb and facebook so check out my pages and follow when you can.
#garinbaker  #joplinmuralproject 

Also sign up for my "From the Studios of Garin Baker" Newsletter @

Thanks for taking the time and hope you enjoy.

G. Baker