Monday, January 30, 2012

LA County Firemen's Mural 
Completed in Studio
From the Studios of Garin Baker
Carriage House Art Studios
January 30th 2012

Mural on studio floor completing seemed transitions

After long last I've finally completed painting the 25 ft. long Mural for the LA County Fire Department commissioned through the LA County Arts Commission. A long project that started a couple of years back in 2009 when I visited LA, doing my initial research with the Firemen and Paramedics of Fire Station 170.  
Subsequently in 2010, I completed all the preliminary renderings in my studio in New York, which were all approved  in early 2011. 

After construction delays, the new Fire Station 150 in Santa Clarita, CA will be completed very soon and the scheduling for the instillation of the Mural will take place to coincide with the last of the many finishing details. 

The Final Mural as seen above with all the seems painted to match up perfectly upon instillation. Although in the back of my mind you never know for sure until the sections are pasted to the wall, how well it will all come together. Hopefully only minor touch ups will be required on site.

Below are some detailed areas.
Stay tuned for a future post showing the installation process and full view of the 10 ft. X 25 ft. Mural without perspective distortion, in it's new home celebrating and acknowledging the work of the LA County Fire Department.