Thursday, August 16, 2012

"At Long Last"
Shipping the LA County Fire Mural!
From the Studios of Garin Baker
Carriage House Art Studios
August 16th 2012
Rolled Mural in shipping tube, 10.5 ft.x 6 inch diameter.

Taking a moment  to look back at this amazing and exciting project that I'm now in the last stages of: Shipping and Instillation.  

Slightly more than 3 years ago I remember driving along with the men & women of the LA County Fire Department on fire and rescue calls.  I gained so much insight and appreciation for the expertise and professionalism these highly skilled firemen, women and paramedics / civil servants demonstrate everyday on the job. 

So now I can say my job is almost done.  I'm finished painting  the composition design, colors, forms and expressions of heroism and recognition for the LA County Fire Department. on this large 10 ft high x 27 ft long, 3 sections of canvas. 

The LA County Arts Commission worked tirelessly over several years to bring the project to completion. Through tough economic budget cuts, long construction delays, they never lost heart.  
With continued patience and diligence this Mural will finally be home.

It's all rolled and ready for shipping the 3000 miles cross country to be installed in a new state of the art facility on an interior wall of Fire Station 150 in Santa Clarita, CA

It was even featured on the cover of American Artist Magazine Special Edition, Workshop Magazine for the 2012 summer issue as it laid on my studio floor this past winter, wonderfully photographed by Elycia Martinez, a young 16 year old budding photographer.

And now it's up to Bryan Guglielmi, past student, long time trusted apprentice and wonderful young Artist in his own right, and I to travel to Los Angeles to spend several days during the last week of August 2012 installing this 10ft high x 27ft long Mural. 

I plan on taking as many photos of the process that I can, as well as possibly enjoying sunny California if we can limit the complications that always present themselves on large scale instillations like this.

I can't wait!.

Garin Baker.


  1. That's great, Garin! I'd really like to see the process of this painting project from the beginning. Did you stretch the 3 large pieces or fix to a wall for painting?

  2. Hi Bill, I have a canvas roll system very much like a paper towel dispenser allowing me to roll canvas along a large 15 ft high wall. It enables me to work in large sections.
    There might be a picture of the back wall of my barn/Studio on my website under studio images.
    Check it out: and After/5

    Thanks for your comment and question.
    Be well.