Monday, December 30, 2013

"Back to the Drawing Board", #1

From The Studios of Garin Baker
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December 30th 2013
6:45 am

" Sara Reclining" Charcoal on Canson Paper, 14" x 20" 2013

From time to time the need comes from an inner place to take stock. 
Busy, busy bees, we all are. So for just a moment I stopped on this second to last day of 2013 to glance around and see.

I'm not coming from a place of stature, success or lack there of,... or where one fits in the scheme of things, since in many cases these are the sad benchmarks we judge ourselves by.
I'm talking about an inner voice of personal growth and creative pursuits and the mark we have made in our lives and on the lives of others...... so far.  

As "artists" we all toil away along a path, hopefully filled with passion and commitment towards one's vision and work, asking questions as to the relevance of it all.  For love, money, "likes", simple nutrients of the soul, an attempt to express something awe inspiring or a quiet whispering voice in the back of our minds.

In the next several posts I plan on going inward towards discovering what truly is meaningful toward my own pursuits in the hopes of reaching out to others, artist and creative thinkers alike, hopefully shedding some light  along the path.  The drawings I plan on posting are reminders of what I use on a regular basis, going to a calming place in my mind that allows me to stumble upon the purest of form, using the simplest of means  towards straightening my path, discovering...... thereby choosing what might be ahead.

Check back and check in;  allowing yourself to comment below on your own struggles. successes, and in general personal stories and experiences that have helped shape your life, perceptions, loves, desires, hopes and dreams.

"Compilation of 5 min poses" #1, Charcoal on Canson Paper, 7" x 14" 2013 

Let's begin the conversation!

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  1. Thanks Garin. Good post and great drawings. I've been a fan of your drawings for a long time and always look forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks Jim! I'll be posting more drawings as my ramblings continue.
      Kindest regards, GB