Sunday, June 5, 2011

Millbrook, NY 
Plein Air Paint Out & Auction
Yesterday The Barrett Art Center of Poughkeepsie, NY invited 50 or so local artists to their annual Millbrook Plain Air Paint out and Auction. A wonderful Fundraising event for many arts and cultural venues from coast to coast. Artists span out along the beautiful picturesque farm lands and village hamlet roads to paint all day, then slap a decent frame on their works and hang for public viewing and auction.
In brief....
The paintings were done under the most beautiful of weather conditions.
 The wine was marvelous,
The hors d'oeuvres were awesome.

The music was melodic
The completed paintings were as always brought in by artists with spirit and creativity hanging there hopes and aspirations for all to see and have at it.
The Staff and volunteers of the Barrett Art Center were gracious and inviting.
The crowd was brisk and robust.
The Auctioneer was working his but off!
The bidding was lackluster and week..... Many, many bargains were had. 
Good Day for all..... the Art business is alive and........... well, lets leave it at that.

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