Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Planning and Preparing,
The James Gurney, "Painting in Colored Light Workshop"
New Windsor, NY 20011

It seems not so long ago I started renovating my little 1790 Carriage House and attached Post and Beam Barn for my Art studios, office, gallery and public gathering space.
Below are some pictures of the renovations that I started back in 1998 and took almost 5 years to complete. As most of those who know, with an old house and property your never really done with renovating, you just start in one section and keep moving around, one project after another.
Honestly, I love the creative process of transforming a space, old or new into something functional and inviting.
And especially grateful to offer it to Jim for his upcoming Workshop on July 1st thru July 3rd. Enjoy the first few pictures of the renovations in progress, not so long ago. Tomorrow, I will post images of the studio as it looks today as well as over the coming days, images of the "Painting In Colored Light" Workshop in progress with James Gurney at the helm.
Follow the progress offering ideas collaborations and suggestions,... Stay Tuned!!

As I found It 1990.
1998, Gutting began. I couldn't save much but the all the original timber frame and amazing german raised pointed stone work....Awesome!
The Foundation, problems...Problems, rotted and non existent.

The Slate Roof... Need I say more. We took it all off  rebuilt the roof and put the slate back up..
Yes Sir!
Patrick, Amazing Craftsman.. Rare breed these days!!!

Mourice, Jamaican Roof dancer, Amazing Guy!

Roof Rebuilt, Copper flashing and all .... 2.5 year mark. Oh boy!
Hip Roof for Northern Sky Light...Oh Yeah!
Slate going back up!!

Finally,. Open Space to work with.
My beautiful future ex wife had had enough!!
Digging down to make room for plumbing.
After 4 years in between deadlines and going broke off and on.. you know the story,... were almost there. 
Stay tuned for the next post including present day pictures of the my fully renovated and working Carriage House Art Studios. As well as over the coming weekend images of the Workshop with Jim Gurney!

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