Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amazing Painting by Belyukin.
From the Studios of Garin Baker
Carriage House Art Studios
July 27th 2011

I was recently hanging out with James Gurney who knows way to much for one individual but gratefully he turned me on to a wonderful blog site entitled "Inspirational Works of Art". (  
where I came across this amazing painting.

"White Russia in Exile", by Dmitri Belyukin, 1994

Now you might think this is a early 20th century political propagandist painting and although it has tons of references to a sympathetic view of exiled Russians who were deposed after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 but it was completed in 1994 by Deitri Belyukin
What I found so amazing beyond the powerful subject was the composition and handling of such a complex scene of figures in an atmospheric setting. The inventive way the artist has used, without discernible obvious perspective solutions, the layered aspects of building groupings of figures moving into the distance that allow you eye to travel through the image experiencing the poses and characters in his human narrative. Looking closer as the figures recede into the mist during their morning commute, I am amazed how he uses a harmony of color and handling to capture this complex configuration. Not an easy task and aware to my core and knowing how difficult it is to compose something this layered and interesting. This artist in my opinion demonstrates the highest of abilities and skills that many including myself admire about contemporary realism.  This work has captivated me and raised my excitement towards doing work that is as well realized.

This inspirational blog site is chock full of works of all kinds and times and I urge anyone who's on their own personal quest never to be satisfied to search out works that shake you off you comfortable creative perch nudging you to go beyond what's popular in all our attempts at being "successful" and paint what excites you finding your own personal and compelling voice. 

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  1. Wow what an amazing painting! It's like a beautiful rolling landscape of figures.