Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Notes on Drawings #3
From the Studios of Garin Baker
Carriage House Art Studios
July 26th 2011
15 min pose "Sara" Vine charcoal on newsprint, Garin Baker, 2011

This technique is great fun and starts with applying vine charcoal over the entire surface of the newsprint paper. I like the rough marks the edges of the charcoal makes on the paper but some like to smooth it out with a gentile cloth rub.

3 min poses

Starting with the lighter lines beneath, when looking closely before the outside contour lines are drawn is the "gesture drawing" that I described in Notes on Drawings #2.  In addition the lighter area is pulled out using a clean kneaded eraser.  It's only then that the darker contour lines are discovered and applied when feeling the form and perceiving the edges, from the interior proportions outward using thick and thin variations reacting to the strength and turns of the form in the shadows side or against the light edges.

Repetition and an unsatisfied diligence is key towards developing over time and I recommend a figure drawing class or workshop at a minimum of 3 hrs a week as a priority.......... especially when our busy lives get in the way.

Underlying Gesture drawings. 1 min.

Again, a good gesture is key, that all else is built upon. If it's not right all the rendering in the world won't improve it.

2 mim poses

2 min

5 min   7 min

Standing pose, 20 min

This 20 min pose captures the gentile juxtaposition of the upper torso anchored with the weight on the leg in back with the front leg relaxed. This subtle pose capturing a real sense of volume and weight is worth pursuing in your studies. 

I hope that these "Notes on Drawings" have been helpful and although academic in nature and basic in delivery are some of the issues I've been offering in my drawing workshop over the past few weeks.
And over time I have seen real growth among several students willing to do the exercises and stumbling as we all do to find our own answers which inevitably present a list of new question.

No matter how frustrating and discouraging the task at hand.....  keep drawing from life.
The benchmark for which all else will improve!

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