Monday, July 4, 2011

Final Day Three
The "Painting in Colored Light" Workshop
with James Gurney.
Carriage House Art Studios
New Windsor, NY. July 2011

The day started off with an amazing morning pose. Rich in color and light.
Our beautiful model Sarah was draped and all participants began a full day of painting from life.   
Although The weather had taking a turn towards rain everyone's spirits could not be dampened.
Lincoln always looking for a friend who couldn't resist providing a treat from their plate.
James and Jeanette Gurney, so wonderful and amazing.
After diner everyone began to pack their gear but without hesitation and in need of more....
A brief trip just a few minutes from the Studio and down the hill to the Hudson River for some last minute Plein Air painting.
Clara and I would like to thank each and everyone of the participants, James and Jeanette Gurney and all who came by to visit, adding to our amazing 3 day Painting in Colored Light Workshop event.
We are so glad to have met all of you and wish you safe travels home and look forward to the next one which we are planning for very soon. So please stay in touch!
From all of us here at Carriage House art Studios, our warmest wishes to all of you! 

P.S. Thank you Michael, and hope you don't mind if I take a quote from you wonderful e-mail,
"Let me start by saying that I had an amazing time at the workshop, and enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing so much creative energy. I also wanted to thank Garin and James again for hosting. It was one of the best artistic experiences I have ever had."


  1. We had a great time, too, and really enjoyed getting to know all of the students. Lots of painting, laughs, meals together, and sitting around in the evenings talking art. Terrific workshop! Big thanks to Garin and Clara for making it all possible, and to Susan, too, for being generally indispensable as well as taking photos.
    Love to all,
    Jeanette G.