Friday, July 8, 2011

Max Ginsburgh Retrospective
Realism with an uncompromising voice.
News release from the Studios of Garin Baker.
Carriage House Art Studios
July 8th 2011
Foreclosure     oil     40" x 65"

I first met Max Ginsburgh as a high school student at the High School of Art & Design in NYC back in the mid 1970's.  He and Irwin Greenberg were traditional realist painters that found themselves teaching a bunch of raggedy haired kids from across the five boroughs of New york City.  Maybe the art world and galleries, at the time had little use for these brilliantly talented individuals but we as young artists couldn't get enough of their uncompromising skills, humorous stories subtilely teaching life's great lessons and amazingly generous warm sensibilities.  No exaggeration intended, but in my opinion, along with others like Dinnerstein, Silverman, Shanks, Schmid, spawned much of the strength of the young contemporary representational movement we are experiencing today.

Crossroads     26" x 40"     oil     2008

As Peter Trippi writes in the July/August article in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine,
"Its always a pleasure to celebrate an artist's achievements while he or she still moves among us, and this is especially true for those realist who spend much of the 20th century ignored or decided because they opted not to ride the modernist wave.  Such celebrations grow in impact when they take the form of a museum retrospective which is exactly what's on deck for this year for the painter Max Ginsburgh (b. 1931).  Stretching in date to 1956, more than 50 of Ginsburgh's works will be on view at New York City's Salmagundi Club (July 18th- August 5th) and more than 80 at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio (Sept, 15th-November 11th).  Fortunately those unable to experience this rare display can enjoy the accompanying 192 page book, which illustrates 150 Ginsburgh works in total."

Peace March oil 48 x 70

I am thrilled to be helping Max, Richard Weinstein, (his long time studio class monitor) and the staff at the Salmagundi Club, installing his show in NYC in July.

Additionally thrilled to be collaborating with Max Ginsburg in offering a 3-5 day Workshop here at Carriage House Art Studios Atelier this coming October, (dates and pricing to be announced).
For further information and to receive an early registration commitment contact Carriage House Art Studios/ Garin Baker/ 845-562-7802 or reach me by e-mail at:

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