Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day One.
The "Painting in Colored Light" Workshop
with James Gurney.
Carriage House Art Studios
New Windsor, NY. July 2011

With Day one under our belts I thought I would show pictures of the progression of the day.

Starting with the early morning arrivals at 8:30 AM.
A bit of gas in the tank.
And without our amazing ladies, everything would grind to a halt....
Thank you, Clara, Susan and Jeanette, so very much!!

Into the Studio for a welcoming introduction and talk.

Morning Demo By Mr. James Gurney
Wow! lots of info to take in... It's noon already..
Lunch time,.. yippee!
Digesting it all on the lawn with more stories and amazing exchanges.
OK..OK.. Let's get back to work!
It's 5 Pm already and still much more is ahead.
Pizza and a few beers were ordered by all and then back into the studio for a live model from 7-10 PM.
Many who still have the stamina work into the evening
A professional Concept  Artist and dear friend Eric Wilkerson stops by to show a recently completed piece.
As the evening winds down, an invigorating, exhausting, full day comes to an end.
Sleep and get ready for Tomorrow!!  8:30 AM to make sure you get a good spot! 

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